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Why this Blog?

These days, I hear more and more talk about our need to move from a materialistic economy towards an economy of meaning. I interpret this as a day-to-day existence in which people are happy because of the friends they have, the festivities they have enjoyed and the achievements they feel they have reached, rather than because of the car they have just bought, the latest pay cheque they have received, or the next pair of shoes they are going to buy. Throughout my life, I have had the privilege to enjoy a lot of time in Nature.

First, on bug trapping, fishing, frog hunting and other trips with my parents and brothers.

Then on trekking, beach trips and other such adventures with my friends.

Now on excursions with my wife Jessica and our kids.

Many of my great memories come from these times. This contact with wild nature has had the effect of putting in context the setbacks and successes I have had in my life, and I feel my life has been much the richer for it.

I do not know if my children's children will have the same privilege and it worries me. I won't go into the statistics of how many wetlands are being replaced by concrete or agriculture per year, or how many species are going extinct each year.

I want to do something about it. I know that the challenge ahead is huge.

I am well aware how common place mission drift is - ideals of founders being put aside by investors and new management a few years down the line - and that few institutions go the distance (ie. remain solvent for more than 50 years) necessary for adequate stewardship of nature.

However, I can think of no better way to tackle this challenge than by starting Nature Services Peru. Barking up the wrong tree?

Poorly advised?

Unoriginal? Maybe...

That is why I am starting this Blog. I want to dedicate some time to debating these ideas with anyone in the world who has a few minutes to spare to contest my opinions, or to enrich them.

I am new to Blogging and so quite curious about the value of it.

I am nearly 40 years old, not Social Media savvy, so any Blogging advice would also be heartily welcome!!

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